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Sunday we started a new sermon series that is going to challenge us to live missional lives. I challenged every member of Union View to commit to two things for the next 5 weeks. First, extravagantly show the love of Christ to someone (outside your family) at least once a week for the next five…(Read More)

so jonathan challenged us this past sunday with the idea that whenever you’ve been humbled or had sin revealed in your life it’s a big-time indicator that you’ve just stepped into God’s classroom.  well, apparently God’s enrolled me full-time this semester because i have had a few very…(Read More)

Controlling Emotions


This past Sunday I preached a sermon on affections. My main goal was to communicate how believers can get off the roller-coaster ride of affections and keep a passion for and delight in Christ that runs through our emotions, desires, and will. In my own pursuit of thriving delight I have found my emotions…(Read More)

Men love war movies! If you don’t believe me, just mention Braveheart around a group of men and watch them start drooling. For some, it’s the raw carnage which makes these movies so great; for some, it’s the hero who confidently leads his army into battle; and for others, it’s simply…(Read More)