Noticing is half the battle


I’m loving our church’s big focus on sharing the gospel. It’s not that we didn’t care or talk about sharing the gospel before, but we’ve definitely stepped up the frequency and intensity on the challenge to live a missional life–and I believe it’s a good thing! (Just as an aside, if you’re waiting for this epic thing to calm down a little so things can get comfortable again, you’re waiting for something that’s never going to happen.)

One of the great benefits to our current teaching series is the reoccurring focus on looking for opportunities to share Jesus. The challenge is for each member of the church to share their faith with a least one person a week. If you’re taking that challenge seriously you’ve probably noticed a difference in the way you look at others as well as your surroundings. I know that’s been happening to me. Just yesterday I walked into a gas station to buy some doughnuts–I figured I could use some extra fat–and the song ‘how far is heaven‘ was playing. It was amazing how God changed my entire course of thought. I walked in thinking ‘dunken donuts and coffee’ and quickly found myself thinking about sharing my faith. When the line ‘how far is heaven’ came up in the song all I could think was, ‘do the people in here know how far heaven is, what’s really separating them from the incredible holy God of the universe?’ (I know, a bit cheesy, buy I’ll take any tool God uses to turn my attention to sharing the gospel.)

I hope God is similarly turning your mind and heart to opportunities. For me, seeing an opportunity is half the battle. I get so busy doing good things that I forget to look for the most loving thing I can do. If God is giving you opportunities I want to invite you to share what’s happening by clicking here. Just take a few moments and tell us how God is teaching you, challenging you, or how you’ve been bold enough to share your faith. It’s amazing how God uses other people’s stories to encourage us.