Posts From the monthly archives: "October 2010"

There is great benefit in knowing our past. On an individual level, a man or woman’s past is a well from which innumerable lessons can be drawn. We learn what to do, how to do, what not to do, the reality of consequences, the excitement of success, the bite of failure—the list goes…(Read More)

Many of us are familiar with North Carolina’s “Adopt-A-Highway” program, in which people volunteer to regularly pick up litter on a particular stretch of highway. Basically, these volunteers agree to take ownership of their assigned stretch of highway. Now, what would happen if each of us took ownership of our neighborhoods and…(Read More)

Security is a powerful temptress in life–mainly due to the negative emotions that come when we feel that we are not secure. At times feelings of insecurity can be so intense that they can be totally debilitating. As a result, we often find ourselves working hard to keep a semblance of security in our…(Read More)

The Spirit of God is one of the more intangible things about Christianity–we cannot see or touch him, we cannot confine him in a manageable box, and we have never experienced anything else like him. Even though we may struggle to understand the Holy Spirit, we desperately long for his presence and ministry in…(Read More)