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God has already taught me so much in the week since Rebekah’s diagnosis. One of those lessons is the importance of learning biblical truth in advance. It’s not impossible to learn a needed truth in the midst of a trial. In fact, many times a truth is solidified in our souls during trying…(Read More)

One of the ironies in my life right now is that while all of you are thinking about my family, I’m thinking about our church family. I think it’s the pastor’s heart God has worked into me over the years, that even in a trying time like this I look for opportunities…(Read More)



If you were in a small group this past Sunday you heard someone talk about how, starting May 1st, we’re going to restructure some things at our church. Let me give you a quick breakdown of what the new schedule will look like followed by some rational for the change. the schedule Sunday Mornings…(Read More)