Posts From the monthly archives: "May 2011"

I recently received a great question to a blog I posted a few years ago (That’s not fair: does God do different things for different people?). I wanted to answer the question in a blog rather than a comment. My answer will be longer, but my hope is to offer a more beneficial answer…(Read More)

i’ve been challenged recently to consider what my prayers have sounded like in the last few weeks. our american christianity is so profoundly impacted by materialism and leisure that i’m afraid my prayers may reflect a deeper concern for building my own kingdom and beseeching some cosmic genie to fashion it as i…(Read More)

I get a lot of calls when I’m at our church’s office, and since we don’t have a secretary I answer most of them. I’ve found that if the number isn’t local, 70% of the time its someone trying to sell me something. Now, if you’ve ever talked with…(Read More)

How do you measure success? In order to measure anything you’ve got to have a ruler, a yardstick, a measuring cup, or some form of tool designed to represent a standard and then evaluate and compare.  So, for the sake of this analogy, let’s just stick with a ruler.  Where do we get…(Read More)