what do my prayers sound like?


i’ve been challenged recently to consider what my prayers have sounded like in the last few weeks. our american christianity is so profoundly impacted by materialism and leisure that i’m afraid my prayers may reflect a deeper concern for building my own kingdom and beseeching some cosmic genie to fashion it as i see fit rather than a dependent servant of the King consumed with desire to see His kingdom grow here on earth.

so if someone had recorded my prayers over the last few weeks for me to replay and listen to, what would i hear?

would it sound like a man consumed with worry?

like a man concerned with his own comfort?

or would i hear the heart of contentment and joy?

would it be evident that this man loves Christ?

does he desire to know and delight in Him?

does he long for Christ’s glory in all circumstances?

is he consumed with passion for the kingdom of God to grow?

does he recognize the One who causes growth?

does he love himself or others?

does he love God?