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The Vibe Drug


Have you ever been to a church that pumps you up?  Is your church like that? I mean, who doesn’t like to enjoy worshiping with their church?  It’s energizing!  And sometimes there’s an incredible vibe emanating from Sunday mornings that continues to pulsate long into the rest of the week.  You know…(Read More)

(this post belongs to the ‘what we believe’ series and is aimed at communicating the doctrines [truth claims] our church teaches) When you think of church more than likely Sunday morning (or whenever your church meets) pops into mind. There’s no doubt, meeting together is an essential part of being a church, but just…(Read More)

There are two points that are driving what I’m about to write and I think it best to get them out as soon as possible. So here they are: (1) no church is as traditional as they think, and (2) no church is as modern as they think. Years ago I was wrapped up…(Read More)