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Palm Sunday commemorates the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem to shouts of hosannah on a road covered with palm branches and cloaks. April fools is a day of pranks–say something that’s not true to mislead someone and spring “April fools!” at the opportune moment. So what, other than landing on the same date…(Read More)

(this post belongs to the ‘what we believe’ series and is aimed at communicating the doctrines [truth claims] our church teaches) Does it matter how I live once I’m saved? We talk a lot about grace, how we can’t save ourselves, and how we don’t ever do anything on our own to…(Read More)

Healing in James 5


The following is a guest post by Andy Bowden. Andy does a great job helping us think through James 5:13 – 18, particularly what the passages says to us about healing. You can read Andy’s regular blogging at Recently I finished writing a thesis related to the Epistle of James. After…(Read More)