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Happy Reformation Day


It’s Reformation Day! Here’s a blog I wrote last year explaining why this day is so important in the life of the church. I used to hate studying history. Boring, dry, stale, and completely unable to hold my attention. I would run from a history book (or blog) like it was the plague…(Read More)

Out of all the American holidays Halloween poses the most questions for Christians. Not once have I been asked questions about Flag Day or St. Patrick’s Day, but every year I get some questions about Halloween. I can boil all the questions I’ve been asked down to one, “Should Christians have any participation…(Read More)

Family Devotions


One of the most beneficial things any family can do is to have a regular time where everyone in the house comes together to worship Jesus. You’ve probably heard someone talk about the importance of having this family time, but maybe you’re struggling getting things going or maintaining some regularity. Let me give…(Read More)

God foreknew you


Every truth God gives us in the Bible is deep and rich. Even simple truths have the power to shape the way the live, love, and think about God, others, and ourselves. The Bible’s teaching on God foreknowing his children is no different. I’ve often come back to this word when I’m…(Read More)

Most movements grow by force of one kind or another. It may be a dictator using military force to grow his control. It may be a company that uses money to bully others. It may be a tactical smear campaign aimed at discrediting an idea. It may be a grassroots campaign–force in numbers that…(Read More)