three days later


Last Sunday churches around the world rejoiced in the resurrection of Jesus. We read Scripture about the resurrection, sang about the resurrection, heard stories about how the resurrection has changed lives, and prayed that the resurrection of Jesus would continue to take root in and transform our lives. Today is Wednesday. It’s been three days since resurrection Sunday, and for many the power, joy, and allure of the resurrection is beginning to ware off.

It’s so easy to view the resurrection of Jesus as a simple moment. It came and now it has gone. The resurrection, however, was no simple moment in the gospels or the rest of the New Testament. Three days after Jesus came out of the grave Thomas was still wrestling with doubt–it was day eight when Jesus told Thomas, “Put your finger here, and see my hands” (Jn. 20:26 – 27)–Peter was still looking for restoration (Jn. 21), and most of the disciples stayed in what looks to be a constant state of awe and wonder. Years later that awe and wonder had not worn off. Paul preached the reality and implications of Jesus’ resurrection everywhere he went, and Peter began his first letter rejoicing in the resurrection. They never left the reality, joy, and power of the resurrection because they saw and believed that the resurrection of Jesus changes everything.

And they weren’t wrong to believe that. Jesus’ resurrection really does change everything. The resurrection of Jesus is the decisive act and first fruits of the great undoing of sin. For those of us who have faith in Jesus everything is different. If Jesus is alive sin and death have no power over us. If Jesus is alive we are alive to God. If Jesus is alive we can rejoice in our trials. If Jesus is alive we have living hope. If Jesus is alive we will reign with him forever. If Jesus is alive we are not under condemnation. If Jesus is alive everything about life is different.

Let me ask you a simple question. How does the resurrection of Jesus change the situation you’re in right now? It’s three days after Easter Sunday and I’m guessing that life isn’t easy. It never is. We’re struggling with life and there’s depression, anxiety, fear, anger, sorrow, and frustration. Stop and ask yourself right now, “If Jesus is alive how does this struggle change?” Let the resurrection flood your life with hope, strength, and boldness. Jesus is alive, and everything is different.