Worship leaders: making it official


Over the past two months we’ve been setting up both a new structure and new staff for our worship team. I’ve always believed that we are incredibly blessed at Union View when it comes to musical talent, and I’m beyond excited that God has allowed us to use that internal talent in this process. Here’s a quick rundown of our new structure and staff.


Most churches are used to having one worship leader–much like they are accustomed to having one pastor. On of our leadership beliefs at Union View is that the Bible encourages churches to have a plurality of leadership when possible. That’s reflected in our pastor/elder structure. We don’t have one pastor who leads the church. We have multiple pastors who seek God and lead our church family.

We want to adopt the same leadership structure in our worship ministry. Instead of putting all the burden on one person, we want multiple people from multiple backgrounds (as God provides) to lead our church in worship. The idea is to have a ‘lead’ worship leader responsible for making sure things get organized and done as well as other worship leaders who form a team that shapes what is being done.

The idea is to have multiple gifted and godly individuals using their gifts to encourage, bless, and lead our church to worship Jesus in Spirit and truth. A group of worship leaders can encourage diversity, sacrifice of personal preference for the joy of others, and ideally enlarge our understanding of worshiping God.


What a joy it is to say that God has already put people in our church who fit the structure outlined above. For several weeks our worship has been led by Kody Goodwin and Justin Allison. Both Kody and Justin have been serving as worship leaders, with Kody filling the ‘lead’ worship leader role. It’s been so encouraging to see both of these men step into this role with passion and a desire to lead us to worship Jesus.

Today, we’re officially announcing what most of you have know for a while now! Kody and Justin are our new worship leaders. Let’s commit to two things right now as a church. 1) To pray for Kody, Justin, and their families that God would bless them, grown them in Christ, and continue to equip them to bless God’s church. 2) To come every Sunday ready to worship Jesus with our church family, eagerly anticipating what the Holy Spirit will do.


I’m so looking forward to seeing what God is going to do with and in our church in 2021!


Pastor Jonathan