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Many of us are familiar with North Carolina’s “Adopt-A-Highway” program, in which people volunteer to regularly pick up litter on a particular stretch of highway. Basically, these volunteers agree to take ownership of their assigned stretch of highway. Now, what would happen if each of us took ownership of our neighborhoods and…(Read More)

The Danger of a Dull Heart


Recently I was reading Mark 6 and noticed a scary remark made by Mark concerning the disciples’ hearts. After Jesus’ feeding of the 5,000 (Mark 6:30–44) and his walking on the water (Mark 6:45–52), Mark tells us that Jesus hopped into the boat with his disciples who were “greatly amazed…(Read More)

Are You Naked?


One of the most peculiar details in Mark’s Gospel is the account of the naked disciple in Mark 14:51­­–52. Immediately after Judas betrays Jesus in the Garden, Mark informs us that “they all left Him and fled” (Mark 14:50). Then, he focuses on one particular disciple in the next two verses…(Read More)

Men love war movies! If you don’t believe me, just mention Braveheart around a group of men and watch them start drooling. For some, it’s the raw carnage which makes these movies so great; for some, it’s the hero who confidently leads his army into battle; and for others, it’s simply…(Read More)

Ladies first…Last week, I stated that the primary area of temptation at the beach for women revolves around the issue of modesty. Now, I realize that I am charting into some choppy waters when it comes to such a discussion because of the “grayness” of this issue. What many would have thought was the…(Read More)

My family and I recently took a trip to our favorite vacation spot in Myrtle Beach, SC. We had a blast together and enjoyed some of the best seafood ever (i.e. The Chesapeake House off of Kings’ Highway). Like most families in our culture, we try to go to the beach together at least…(Read More)