Bible classes are specifically designed to help us think biblically. Part of knowing and delighting in Jesus is learning how to read the Bible as well as how to understand and evaluate our culture through a biblical worldview. Our Bible classes offer a unique way to accomplish both of those goals. In each class, the goal is not to merely give you information, but to teach you how to work through Scripture, culture, and life. Classes last for 6 weeks, after which the entire church gathers on Sunday mornings at 9:45 for a corporate time of prayer.

You can sign up for a Bible class below. We’re offering 1 classes this semester (it begins in March) that covers issues we believe is essential for every Chrsitian:


A six-week class that designed to help you recognize your personality type, your spiritual gifts, your passions, and life experiences. To goal is to take everything you will learn and be active in serving in a way that lines up with how God made you. The class is taught by Pastor Harlen.

There is a signup sheet on the back table, or you can use the form below: