Christianity has a unique relationship with politics. It’s a relationship of clearly defined allegiances and responsibilities captured best in Jesus’ own words in Matthew 21:22. “Therefore render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” As Christians we whole heartedly render to the government…(Read More)

This is part three of a three part series where Ed Sanderlin shares a letter to his daughter on marriage. Read part one here, and part two here.  NOW THE POSITIVE CONSIDERATIONS:   It is not unloving or selfish to pray for a future husband that has a godly heritage and legacy. Can you imagine…(Read More)

This is part two of a three part series where Ed Sanderlin shares a letter to his daughter on marriage. Read part one here.  PART II When one is redeemed, even then, the principle of sewing and reaping of sin and its consequences are still an abiding rule; however, the consequences are no longer there…(Read More)

This is part one of a three part series where Ed Sanderlin shares a letter to his daughter on marriage. Read part two here.  Introduction What I best can tell you has to do with the glory of God even beyond what I wish for you. Try to displace the thought that you have designs…(Read More)

For the past six months our church has been accepting and working through resumes for the worship leader position left vacant when Jeff left to plant a church. We believed it was of first importance to let the church decide on new pastors before hiring a new worship leader, mainly because it is the responsibility…(Read More)

This past Sunday our church overwhelmingly voted to set aside both Harlen Davis and Ed Sanderlin as elders / pastors at Union View, bringing the total number of elders to four. One question I’ve received several times is, “What do men in this position do?” Another way to put it would be to ask, “What…(Read More)

In any argument is it a tremendous advantage to be able to set the stage for the discussion.  If you and I are working through a disagreement and you let me define the terms, as well as what the argument is about, it gives me an almost insurmountable edge. Think of it like home…(Read More)

This past Sunday we saw from Luke 1:34 – 55 that God does the impossible. We also saw that when Mary believed God was doing the impossible her life was flooded with Joy. She burst into spontaneous song, “My spirit rejoices in God my Savior.” Joy is a fruit of faith. When we believe that…(Read More)

Last Sunday we looked at Matthew 6:24 – 34 in the Sermon in the Mount series. This post is one in a series that addresses some follow up issues. The first three posts are Anxiety: is it ok to plan for the future?, Anxiety: will God always give me food to eat?, and Anxiety: the…(Read More)