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Over the past two months we’ve been setting up both a new structure and new staff for our worship team. I’ve always believed that we are incredibly blessed at Union View when it comes to musical talent, and I’m beyond excited that God has allowed us to use that internal talent in…(Read More)

How far will you go?


Luke 8 tells a familiar story many have found great comfort in during their Christian walk.  It starts in verse 22 and tells the story of Jesus calming the storm while his fearful, faithless disciples panicked.  Jesus speaks to the storm and brings calm where there once was chaos.  Just like the first disciples many…(Read More)

“But he who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep.  To him the gatekeeper opens.  The sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.” John 10:2-3 Jesus had just healed a blind man.  The pharisees had just excommunicated that same blind man…(Read More)



Taking things slow and looking at the Bible one verse at a time, one word at a time is incredibly valuable. But just as important is seeing the big picture of each book of the Bible. The goal of this series is to cover the ‘big picture’ meaning of each book of the Bible in…(Read More)

This is one in a series of articles that looks at the another passages in the New Testament.  There are 47 ‘one another’ verses in the New Testament that give instructions to the church. It is no small thing that the New Testament puts so much emphasis on the interrelationships of the body of Christ…(Read More)

Every church needs a mission (the what) and a strategy (the how). The mission of Union View centers on knowing and delighting. Everything we do at Union View is aimed at helping people know and delight in Jesus. There’s nothing new here. Every church that organizes itself around the Bible shares the same mission…(Read More)

Christmas is over, at least for 2016, and depending on how your weekend went you are either thankful or sad the day has passed. For most of us, no matter our perceptions of this year’s Christmas, there was, and perhaps still is, an excitement and expectation surrounding Christmas. It’s a big day, and…(Read More)

Christianity has a unique relationship with politics. It’s a relationship of clearly defined allegiances and responsibilities captured best in Jesus’ own words in Matthew 21:22. “Therefore render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” As Christians we whole heartedly render to the government…(Read More)

This is part three of a three part series where Ed Sanderlin shares a letter to his daughter on marriage. Read part one here, and part two here.  NOW THE POSITIVE CONSIDERATIONS:   It is not unloving or selfish to pray for a future husband that has a godly heritage and legacy. Can you imagine…(Read More)

This is part two of a three part series where Ed Sanderlin shares a letter to his daughter on marriage. Read part one here.  PART II When one is redeemed, even then, the principle of sewing and reaping of sin and its consequences are still an abiding rule; however, the consequences are no longer there…(Read More)