If you’re interested in becoming a member at Union View, there are four steps we want you to take:

Step 1: Let us Know

If you want to become a member of Union View the first thing you need to do is let one of our pastors know. You can speak to one of us before you leave today, call the church (919.494.5101), or send an email to pastor Jonathan (jchandler@uvbconline.com).

Step 2: Pastor Interview

One or two pastors will meet with you for a pastor interview.
Goals of this interview:
• To learn how you came to put your faith in Jesus.
• To confirm you have a good understanding of the meaning of church membership.
• To confirm that there are no biblically warranted concerns with your joining Union View as a covenant member.
• To answer questions or help you find opportunities to connect at Union view.

Step 3: Baptism (if needed)

If you have not yet been baptized as a believer by immersion, baptism is the next step to proceeding toward membership. We will cover baptism in the pastor interview. We’ll work through any question you may have about baptism in that meeting.

Step 4: Covenant Affirmation

All the members of Union View affirm our church covenant. The covenant is a reflection of our biblical values and expectations of one another. Every member agrees to pursue Christ with the body and live in accountability. The church covenant is on the back side of this page. Please make sure you read over it before your pastor interview.