About our church

  • Everything we do is aimed at helping people know and delight in Jesus
  • Passionate about reaching our area for Jesus
  • Multi-generational
  • Average attendance between 90 and 120
  • Lean Reformed theological (specifically in soteriology)
  • Flexible in structures
  • Highly value the role of music in worshiping God
  • For more info see the about section on our webpage.

About our band

  • Current band has been playing together for nearly 3 years
  • Band currently consists of 4 instrumentalist and 3 rotating vocalists
  • Instruments currently being played regularly
    • Drums
    • Electric Guitar
    • Electric / Accoustic Guitar
    • Bass
  • Band members can also play: piano, banjo, mandolin & steel guitar
  • Our current weekly set up consists of our worship leader, band members, and 1 to 2 accompanying vocalists.

Sample of Recent songs



  • Loves Jesus, is skilled in singing (playing an instrument is a plus but not a necessity), and enjoys leading others to worship Jesus though music.
  • Is spiritually mature and has a grasp of the biblical significance of what he’s doing
  • Will plan worship for Sunday’s, including:
    • Plan and execute the musical part of Sunday’s service.
    • Communicate with others participating in Sunday services.
    • Select songs in a timely fashion—in advance of practices.
    • Practicing with musicians/singers (currently Wednesday at 6:00 and Sunday mornings at 9:00)
    • Introduce new music to the congregation
  • Cultivate new musicians and singers from the congregation.
  • Manage media and sound for Sundays (including scheduling the related teams)
  • The general expectation is that these things will not be done last minute (i.e., Sunday mornings)
  • Above all the expectation is that our worship leader will strive for excellence and elevate the musical worship of the congregation.

Submit resume through Southeastern’s job posting site or email directly to chandler.jonathan@icloud.com